International Islamic Food Processing Association Discussed Prospects of future cooperation with the Dairy Union of Kazakhstan

On June 16, 2021, the International Islamic Food Processing Association (“IFPA”) held a bilateral meeting with the Deputy Director of the Dairy Union of Kazakhstan (“the Union”). The Union was established 15 years ago, and currently has the mission to support the comprehensive and sustainable development of the dairy processing industry in Kazakhstan by increasing the volume of high-quality and domestically produced natural products.

Over the last decades the dairy sector of Kazakhstan has seen substantive changes with major intensification, scaling-up and efficiency of production driven by demand from the population. It has become one of the fastest growing and export-oriented industries in Kazakhstan. There are more than 50 members of the Union who cover the entire supply chain and provide 70 per cent of domestic demand in dairy products. The Union is aiming to stimulate Kazakhstani consumers to choose locally produced goods and saturate the domestic market with high quality dairy goods that meet all the legal requirements. The growing industry is now in need of investments for the producers to develop their infrastructure and export potential.

During the meeting H.E. Sheikh Bilal Khan, Director General and CEO of IFPA and Ms. Saule Zhankina, Deputy Director of the Union expressed willingness for close cooperation and the parties agreed to sign a mutual agreement whereby the Union will join IFPA as a valuable honorary member. The Union as the main platform for dairy producers through this membership will be able to invite its current members to join IFPA as corporate members to benefit from all the special privileges and services to help grow their businesses.