International Islamic Food Processing Association (IFPA) participated in the International Forum “Russia – Islamic World: Kazan Summit and World Halal Day 2022” under the theme of “Transition-Tradition-Traction”, the 13th International Economic Summit and exhibition in the Halal Industry organized by the Government of Tatarstan, Tatarstan Investment Development Agency and United World Halal Development. The agenda of the Summit also included events dedicated to the great celebration of the 1100th anniversary of the adoption of Islam in the Volga Bulgaria.

Being organized annually these events attracted participants from 20 countries with around 5,000 visitors, and Forum established itself as a platform for discussing cooperation issues, implementing joint programs, presenting investment potential, and strengthening business ties between OIC and non-OIC countries.

On behalf of the International IFPA, a 100% subsidiary of the Islamic Organization for Food Security (IOFS), Ms. Gulsum Kenenbayeva, Head of Business Development on International Memberships attended the Forum. As an invited Speaker in the World Halal Day panel session “Halal Industry: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” she presented OIC opportunities in the agrifood sector and the major role of International IFPA in the development of B2B agri-food sector and intra – OIC trade.

Representative of International IFPA (a 100% subsidiary of IOFS) also held several B2B productive meetings with Halal agri-food sector entities for enhancing cooperation through IFPA’s multilateral private sector platform. These one-to-one meetings were conducted with the heads of entities such as Damate (Tatarstan), Cherkizovo (Tatarstan), World Food (Turkey), Vitana Iran, and Solico Group (Iran), Souz Pishevod (Russia), SPSK Ali (Tatarstan) and many others.

Corporate Member of International IFPA, Holding Amar Group LLC participated in the Kazan Halal Industry exhibition and presented their high-quality halal products at their exhibition stand. Mr. Raif Safin, CEO of Amar Holding Group, and Ms. Gulsum Kenenbayeva, International IFPA met and discussed further mutual cooperation and support on increasing the volume of exports of the enterprises belonging to the Holding.