Kazakh Grain Union

The purpose of the Union is to unite enterprises and organizations of the grain market to coordinate their activities, represent and protect common interests, and also promote the sustainable development of the grain industry.

Association of Kazakhstan Farmers

The main goal of association is to create favorable conditions for the implementation of activities and development of farmers (peasant farms) and other participants in the agro-industrial complex by satisfying the needs of the domestic and foreign markets for high-quality food products, goods, works and services.

National Exporters Union "KazGrain"

The main goal and task of the Association is export trade, sales expansion, formation of fair competition, strengthening of the positive image of Kazakhstan in the international arena as the largest producer and reliable exporter of grain, oilseeds and their processing products.

Union of Grain Processors of Kazakhstan

Meat Union Kazakhstan

The Meat Union of Kazakhstan was created in 2014 and today unites enterprises and associations of the entire production chain of beef cattle breeding - pedigree reproducers, farms, feedlots and meat processing complexes (cattle, small cattle).

Republic Chamber Angus Kazakhstan

The Chamber organizes accounting and maintains a database on pedigree animals of the Angus breed; coordinates selection and breeding work in the herd to reproduce animals with high genetic potential.

Qazaqstan Eggs Producers Association

Main tasks of the Association are assistance in the development, coordination and implementation of targeted programs and projects in the field of egg and related production, development and support of the Association members;

Poultry Union of Kazakhstan

The main goal and mission of the Union is to ensure the protection of the rights of its members, to represent common interests in government bodies and international organizations. The union is voluntary and is based on the membership of legal entities and individuals engaged in the poultry industry and related areas of activity.

Qazaqstan Organic Producers Union

Member of the International Federation for Organic Agriculture IFOAM since 2019. The union brings together participants in organic agriculture, agricultural producers, experts, scientists. The Union's field of activity is the development of the export and Kazakhstani part in the field of organic agricultural products.

Union of Potato and Vegetable Growers of Kazakhstan

Union of Food Enterprises of Kazakhstan

The goal of the union is to promote entrepreneurship in the food industry, protect the interests of domestic producers of the country's food and processing industries, participate in legislative activities, and strengthen business ties with foreign partners.

Association of Oil and Fat Producers of RoK

Oil and Fat Union of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan Association of sugar, food and processing industry

The goal of the Association is to support and promote the development of organizations in the sugar, food and processing industries of the Republic of Kazakhstan - members of the Association, to participate in legislative activities, to strengthen business ties with foreign partners.

Uzbekistan Association of Oil and Fat

Assembly of Economics of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Association of Exporters of Uzbekistan