International IFPA and NUR TOBE LLP sign a bilateral agreement

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International Islamic Food Processing Association (“IFPA”) and Nur Tobe Limited Liability Partnership (“Nur Tobe”) signed a mutual agreement whereby Nur Tobe will join IFPA as a Corporate member. Corporate membership will offer Nur Tobe the opportunity to have access to all privileges and benefits of IFPA and the eligibility to receive IFPA’s targeted services in attracting Islamic investments and financing.

Nur Tobe is a diversified and multi-project enterprise that incorporates dairy and pasta producing plants, bakery production and possesses approximately 30.000 hectares of agricultural land. Construction and real estate projects of Nur Tobe encompass activities that range from the renovation and re-lease of existing buildings to the purchase of raw land and the sale of developed land or parcels. Director of Nur-Tobe Timur Bergaliev noted that “the company uses exclusively certified materials in its work and provides a guarantee for all types of construction, repair, reconstruction work”.

The two parties expressed their mutual satisfaction towards this new impetus given to a collaboration. The Director General and CEO of IFPA, H.E. Sheikh Bilal Khan welcomed Nur Tobe into the family of its corporate and honorary members and expressed his satisfaction with “great opportunities for close business cooperation between IFPA and Nur Tobe in agri-food trade and investment through the platform of International IFPA focusing primarily on the engagement to increase investments related to the use of Islamic finance, investment funds, Shariah structuring, Sukuk listing and other Islamic investment instruments”.