International IFPA held a virtual conference with members of the Poultry Union of Kazakhstan

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Representatives of the International Islamic Food Processing Association (“IFPA”) and Poultry Union of Kazakhstan (“Union”) jointly organised a virtual conference for the members of the Union to discuss critical issues of the poultry industry of Kazakhstan.  The theme of the event was “International IFPA Presentation and Business Opportunities for Members of Poultry Union of Kazakhstan”.

Poultry farming industry is one of the fastest growing agricultural segments in Kazakhstan. The industry has undergone a paradigm shift in structure and operation. It has transformed from a mere backyard activity into a major commercial and sustainable activity in just about few decades.  The Union as a non-profit organization integrates the largest producers of poultry meat of Kazakhstan who are the main suppliers of all production in the country.

The online conference started with the opening remarks of H.E. Sheikh Bilal Khan, Director General and CEO of IFPA who stated that “IFPA is ready to consolidate the efforts with the Union and its members to facilitate profitability of small scale enterprises in poultry farming industry and strengthen awareness of new technologies and methodologies in hatching and bird rearing that significantly boosts market growth and reduces wastage”.

Another important issue that was discussed during the meeting related to foreign direct investment (FDI). Poultry feed manufacturing, chicken hatchery and frozen chicken meat processing are considered lucrative fields of the investment opportunity and the related mutual cooperation will help promote poultry industry projects within the OIC member states and connect Islamic investors from the OIC markets to the poultry sector ofKazakhstan.

Mr. Ruslan Sharipov, President of the Union, remarked that “the Union looks forward to continuing to build fruitful cooperation to working closely with IFPA and to target different investment deals for its members in the poultry sector of Kazakhstan.”