International IFPA holds a one-to-one meeting with Kazakhstan Association of Sugar, Food and Processing Industry

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    On June 17 2021, International Islamic Food Processing Association (“IFPA”) held a one-to-one meeting with the Chairman of the Association of Sugar, Food and Processing Industry (“Association”).
      The Association is a non-profit organization established in 2012 by the leading white sugar producers of Kazakhstan. In 2017 the Association was re-registered to expand its existing members by attracting the agro-industrial sector, fruit producers and processors of vegetables.
       According to the Chairman of the Association, Aizhan Nauryzgaliyeva, “the Association has constantly expanded its pursuit for wider representation by becoming a member of the Expert Council of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan”. She added that “representatives of the Association are also members of the Scientific and Technical Council of the Ministry of Agriculture where the Association participates in joint projects to develop and examine technical programs and standards required in the food trade and industry.” H.E. Sheikh Bilal Khan stated that “today’s meeting with the Chairman of the Association was extremely important for us, as it helps us to identify and explore key opportunity and growth areas for trade exports and inward investments related to this food sub-sector. Joining IFPA will be vital for the incoming members from the Association as it will give them the opportunity to diversify their portfolio of assets with Islamic investments and also to target key OIC markets for export growth”.
   The Director General and CEO of IFPA and the Chairman of the Association expressed their willingness for closer cooperation and to jointly organise a special forum for the members.The parties resolved to sign a mutual agreement whereby the Association will join IFPA as a valuable honorary member and further boost IFPA’s impressive growing network of food associations and unions.