On June 21 2021, International Islamic Food Processing Association (“IFPA”) held a meeting with the Executive Director of the Union of Food Enterprises of Kazakhstan (“Union”).

          The Union is a non-profit organization established in 1992 by the leading operators of the food industry market of Kazakhstan that unites over 50 food companies, research and educational institutions and project entities of food and agriculture sectors. The Union’s mandate includes promotion, protection, and enhancement of entrepreneurship and innovation within the food industry, advocating interests of domestic food producers, exporters and retailers, consulting and expert assistance in the implementation of food safety HACCP standards, and participating in policy regulation of the food sector are all the main missions outlined in the Charter of the Union.

          The Executive Director of the Union, Ms. Marina Sabralieva as a Member of the Board of the Almaty Technological University – one of the leading universities of Kazakhstan that trains specialists and scientists for the food industry, shared that “the Union in cooperation with a number of research institutions conduct training on the food safety management systems, food supply chain processes, registration of certificates, requirements to the standards of packaging and labelling, transport and logistics measures for food entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan. The growing industry is now in need of miscellaneous food-related endeavours to advance its infrastructure and export potential. However, the industry is facing trade barriers and tariff restrictions that create adverse effects for the export of the agri-food productions”, noted Ms. Marina Sabralieva. In her opinion the solution lies in the Union’s cooperation with IFPA to create a single export coordination platform for all market participants.

          The Director General and CEO of IFPA, H.E. Sheikh Bilal Khan noted that “IFPA is working to create a unique common platform for expanding cooperation between businesses and food companies and ensuring access to the markets of all OIC countries to increase the volume of mutual trade and food supplies and providing more options for finance, insurance and investments in agri-food projects. We see a huge potential for Kazakhstani private sector since it plays an important role in creating food security of the country”.

         The Director General and CEO of IFPA and the Executive Director of the Union expressed their mutual interests for closer cooperation and to jointly organize a special forum for the Union members. The parties resolved to sign an agreement very soon whereby the Association will join IFPA as a valuable honorary member.