Food security is one of the most important directions of provision of any state’s national security. Increasing the availability, quantity, diversity of food, and price affordability, sustainability of agricultural development is crucial to ensure food security. These possible pathways towards a more sustainable food system are at the centre of this thematic focus at an expert meeting organized by the Islamic Organisation for Food Security.

The online session was kicked off by the welcoming remarks from the Islamic Organization for Food Security (IOFS) Director-General H.E. Mr. Yerlan Baidaulet who has noted about challenges and prospects of enhancing FDI flow to the OIC countries and the constructive role of foreign investments in sustained, viable and resilient growth of these countries.

During the dialogue, another speaker – WAIPA President & CEO of Dubai FDI Fahad Al Gergawi discussed the impact of FDI as a key to achieving the development of the food industry. He shed light on enhancing the capacity of new quality investments that keep pace with global market trends and support sustainable economic growth.

In turn, the CEO of the investment promotion agency Kazakh invest Meirzhan Yussupov discussed that to ensure the country’s food security, implementing projects in the priority sectors of Kazakhstan’s economy with a focus on agricultural projects is vital. Speaker highlighted about country’s rapidly growing huge transport and logistics potential that creates great opportunities for expanding and deepening interstate and trade relations, government support of investors based on the Entrepreneur Code that ensures freedom of enterprise and guaranteeing exemption from taxes, fiscal incentives, and other government procurement.

Director-General and CEO of the International Islamic Food processing association Sheikh Bilal Khan noted that considering more than 52% of the OIC population live in rural areas and depend on agriculture developing competitive agro-industries is crucial for the food safety of the OIC Member States.

The event was attended by Azerbaijan Export and İnvestment Promotion Fund AZPROMO, sharing about the impact of foreign investments in encouraging exports in the non-oil sectors. The meeting was also attended by representatives of other OIC bodies, including ICD, ICIEC, ICDT. It is worth noting that by the end of the meeting has prepared a resolution with set of recommendations to encourage intra-OIC development of agro-industry and agricultural technologies through investment operations and projects.