Why International IFPA?

International Islamic Food Processing Association is one of the strategic initiatives proposed by the Islamic Organization for Food Security during the second General Assembly held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on August 2019.
International Islamic Food Processing Association aims to develop direct relationship between agricultural businesses in IOFS Member States by establishing B2B cooperation between private sectors among OIC countries.
The Association is a platform for strengthening intra-OIC trade relations, enhancing investment activities between OIC countries, developing and implementing large-scale interstate economic projects, concluding trade operations, and intensifying trade and commercial outreach.
Join International IFPA for:

Growing international connectivity within OIC countries

Market expansion

Trade development in OIC region

Who can become International IFPA member?

The main shareholders are private sector establishments, individual companies, associations of IOFS and OIC Member States and working in the domain of food processing and agricultural businesses, which eligible to apply for Ordinary or Associate Membership.

Corporate Members

Honorary Members


All our members receive access to whole benefits of International IFPA upon becoming International IFPA member. We provide the following benefits to our members:


Within its advocacy proposal International IFPA supports on engaging members and government representatives in dialogue on improving agri-food business environment in each OIC country and defenses rights on behalf of food processors.

International IFPA has unique access to governments around the world and acts as a facilitator in mobilizing private and public resources to build and develop agri-food intra-trade and investments. In this regard, International IFPA:

* The Trade Preferential System aims to promote trade among the Member States of the OIC by means of exchanging preferences. It includes a Most-Favored Nation clause, providing that all states participating in the TPS-OIC receive equal trade advantages as the “most favored nation” by the country granting such treatment.


International IFPA connects members with each other and with industry and community organizations through a range of engaging networking and development opportunities. We organize to our members conferences, webinars, seminars, networking, and business matchmaking services for sharing best practices on weekly / monthly / quarterly / annually basis.

We also promote and give access to our members on partners organized conferences, webinars, and networking. Finally, we organize to our members professional fora (Conferences, Symposiums, Meetings, Fairs, exhibitions, workshops) on capacity building, development of human capital, system and processes including Halal food development.


Intelligence is one of our core benefits that helps our members to be up to date with all market trends, legislative and regulatory developments in IOFS / OIC Member States vital to the industry, and new innovations on food tech. We make valuable and inquired by industry research, industry / market / products / trade studies and reports, publish them in monthly, quarterly, and annually basis. Our members have free access to all our agri-food databases and intelligence.


It is vital for industry development to increase knowledge, to exchange information, ideas, and experience, thus International IFPA organizes online and offline knowledge sharing workshops for its members, online courses, and curriculums in partnership with OIC global institutions and helps to establish expert groups in the various fields of agri-food and OIC intra-trade development.


International IFPA has range of services that provided through our partners. We have partnership agreements with OIC and non-OIC institutions and have been appointed as agent to provide services to our members on one window basis.
Members will sign additional tripartite service agreement which based on payment for obtaining folowing services:

Trade finance is defined as a specific area of finance that examines underlying international trade transactions. Islamic trade finance consists of providing Shariah – compliant export and import financing tools. These are financial solutions and guarantees which facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers of goods and services. Islamic trade finance arrangements are available in the market to facilitate pre- and post – shipping trade and to provide working capital to mitigate the risks of trading stakeholders. The most used Islamic trade finance instruments are Murabahah, Musharakah, Wakalah and Kafalah.

International IFPA has opportunity to offer streamline the trade financing process by confirming letters of credit to eliminate the need for using intermediary banks. The aim of that to reduce trade costs by removing intermediaries that re-sell goods at higher prices, thus allowing importers to find a better price for their goods across all OIC member states.

STF is alternative mean of providing trade financing facility. Structured trade financing is primary based on performance risk and hence it is particularly well suited for companies doing business in what are considered higher risk markets and industries (emerging markets) or other companies trying to control their leverage level by applying for an off-balance sheet financing.

The most common methods of direct financing are Murabahah Sales contract, Leasing, Istisna’a, and Musharakah.

Collateral management is a mean of securing physical commodities (subject of a loan / financing) that are taken under safe custody of a third party on behalf of the financier.

International IFPA supports its members in finding sponsor to fund projects that are aimed at creating competition, entrepreneurship, employment opportunities and export potential. We also bring additional resources to projects, encouraging the development of Islamic finance, attracting co-financiers and advising governments and private sector groups on how to establish, develop and modernize private enterprises and capital markets.

Lines of Financing are extended to promote the growth and development of the private sector and promote Islamic finance or other purposes authorized by our partner’ (ICD) Articles of Agreement and Investment Policies. Line of Financing is an arrangement through which International IFPA and its members extends medium-long term financing facilities to Financial Institutions (FI) with the purpose of supporting private sector enterprises operating in OIC member countries.

Mission of Asset Management Department (AMD) is to structure, step up, launch and manage funds via Special Purpose Vehicles categorized according to the portfolio’s respective domains, mainly Income and Capital Market and SME & Private Equity.

International IFPA delivers assistance in finding a sponsor or an anchor investor along with other key investors to develop private equity funds as well as other special purpose vehicles. Together with our partners we aim to be among the cornerstone partner for our members in search of investors and play the role of a catalyst for the success of the funds.

We have among OIC partner’s institutions a dedicated team focused on advising Governments and Corporations in our member countries on Sukuk (Sharia-compliant bonds) issuances. This team is driven by the conviction that Sukuk is appealing to OIC member countries because it offers an alternative source of capital and diversifies the country’s investor base.

Credit Insurance Solutions allows to protect balance sheet against non-payment of export receivables. It enhances competitiveness and increases international sales by offering flexible payment terms to overseas customers. Moreover, this tool offers to customers open account credit terms while protecting the insured against credit risk. and helps access working capital facilities from banks by assigning the insurance policy to the banks as security.

Investment Insurance Solutions allows to facilitate access to finance, protect balance sheet against losses due to non-commercial risks, attract additional project capital, enable to penetrate high-risk markets, and reduce cost of funding.

International IFPA can provide expert advice on legal matters that business may be facing in OIC countries, such as legal entity registration, business activity registration, taxpayer registration, business licensing, advise on customs procedure, advise on taxation procedure, advise on agri-business regulation, advise on obtaining permits, contracting, arbitration center, compliance, and other issues. Being a partner with AIFC we have opportunity to support our members in registration businesses in AIFC territory and provide access to transparent and independent common law court operating to the highest international standards. Members could file a claim and receive litigation, judicial mediation, and other relevant services.

International IFPA promotes manufacturing, exporting / importing of safety and halal products therefore it is important to us support our members in a key instrument on food safety and effective environmental management system, as well as on halal certification. Quality Management Standards as ISO 22000 is an internationally recognised standard for the assurance of food safety at all levels. The standard maps out how an organisation can demonstrate its ability to control safety hazards to ensure that food is safe. Environmental Management Systems as ISO 14000 is series of standards which promote effective environmental management systems in organizations. Halal certification states that the food or the products are permissible for the followers of Islam and no haram product or procedure is used while its manufacturing or processing.

International IFPA provides consulting to members on Islamic finance, such as how to access to Islamic capital market, advice on corporate Sukuk issuance, on export – oriented investments and other advices which help our member to reach its financial goals and create more wealth.

International IFPA conducts marketing research and studies of any OIC country and any specific sectorial agri – food market to identify industry trends and commercial opportunities, as well as to examine the ways and means likely to alleviate obstacles to trade among OIC countries. Moreover, International IFPA provides global sales and supply chain strategic consulting and execution.

International IFPA delivers assistance to members on selection agritech, automation processes and on digital transformation. Also, our association supports members on sustainability, food – loss reduction and other tools.

International IFPA has OIC exporters and importers database and can easily connect members with each other for exchanging agri -food goods and services between countries. We also assist on advising export and import procedures of any OIC country and helping on obtaining export certificates.

International IFPA ensures the promotion of Member States’ production by regularly holding the Trade Fair of OIC Member States (TFOIC) and specialized Exhibitions. We assist our members in creating and organizing Export Promotion Centers and extend consultancy and expert services to our members in the field of Trade Promotion.

International IFPA collects and disseminates trade information, develops Trade data bases and facilitate their remote access, assists members with setting up and organizing documentation and information centers as well as trade Information networks.

We have good knowledge of whole OIC trade agreements and corridors and have access to OIC governments, therefore International IFPA assists members in trade negotiations, prepares and organizes the intra-OIC trade negotiations.

International IFPA cooperates with leading universities in OIC countries like Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Iran, UAE to assist its members with educational programs to their employees on improving skills and obtaining new knowledge on technical, engineering, procurement, business development, R&D and quality assurance management and commodity trade.

International IFPA is empowering members to develop and deliver effective and evidence-based practice through access to our relevant continuing professional development programs.

International IFPA will assist its members on recruitment the best agri-food talents through own developed job portal.

How to apply for membership?

To become a member please fill out the application form. Upon receipt we will contact you for further procedure.

Please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Gulsum Kenenbayeva at gulsumk@ifpa-iofs.org if you would like to discuss cooperation or have any questions.

We are happy to help and looking forward to welcoming you in International IFPA Membership Community.