IFPA's Top Management

Chairman of IFPA, Acting Director General
H.E. Yerlan Baidaulet

H.E. Yerlan Baidaulet is the Director General of IOFS which is OIC specialized institution, in field of food security and agriculture development, founded in 2013 and is the Chair of the International IFPA Board. H.E. Yerlan Baidaulet has a long- term experience in International Relations and in Islamic Finance worked for 28 years and held various corporate and management positions, including IDB Executive Director, Head of JSC Engineering and Technology Transfer Center, Eurasian Development Bank, Chairman of the Association for Islamic Finance Development, The Experts Council by the Security Council of Kazakhstan, and others.

International IFPA is a subsidiary of IOFS for facilitating intra-OIC agri-food Halal trade by connecting all ecosystem players

International Islamic Food Processing Association (“International IFPA”) is established under the auspices of the OIC specialized institution of Islamic Organisation for Food Security (“IOFS”) as its subsidiary at the Astana International Financial Centre (“AIFC”). Its mandate is to enable and promote intra-OIC trade and investment between agri-food private-sector businesses across the entire ecosystem and food supply chain from gene to fork in the OIC/IOFS Member States.

The activities of International IFPA are geared towards solving problems of its members such as distribution and promotion of agri-food products and championing top companies in the OIC/IOFS markets; facilitating business connections and strategic partnerships in the food processing and wider food supply chain; providing market intelligence and thought leadership; developing effective mechanisms to promote access to Islamic finance and investments, Halal food trade, agri-tech and food-tech distruptive solutions and further development of the import-export markets; and over time contributing towards reducing systemic inefficiencies such as post-harvest losses and food wastage in a socially-responsible and environmentally-sustainable manner.

IFPA Areas of Activities

Animal or vegetable fats and oils

Meat and Edible Offal

Cereal – Rice

Cereal – Wheat & Meslin

Fruits, Nuts & Vegetables

Fish & Seafood

Sugar and Sugar Confectionary

Dairy Products

Cereal – Maize


OIC food industry clusters provide prioritized sectors for IFPA to address opportunities and challenges. The 9 identified OIC industry clusters have a total $158 bill export value. Various industry cluster-specific investment projects are identified across the 9 clusters


Various ecosystem investment projects focus on developing food tech, talent, logistics. The ecosystem is to leverage trade corridors and link Islamic Finance

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We have a very clear vision at International IFPA and that is to be recognized as the preferred champion and enabler of private-sector-led trade and investment for sustainable development of food security in IOFS/OIC Member States while our mission is to facilitate private-sector-led trade and investment between agri-food ecosystem players across the value chain by Halal and Shariah-compliant tools. We strongly believe that our strategic approach to achieving this lofty vision and mission is by putting into action our critical analysis of the agri-food value-chain of the top OIC domiciled industry and ecosystem players with the support of our strategic partners and we aim to continuously benchmark against global standards across the value-chain for competitive advantage. We will strive to translate the IOFS mandate through our unique B2B platform to enable ethical, innovative, and sustainable private sector engagement vis-à-vis intra-OIC trade. International IFPA will bring together all food associations, unions, chambers, Islamic financial institutions, tech companies, and other relevant entities for direct engagement between all ecosystem players in the OIC/IOFS Member States.

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