On 08 July 2022 the Islamic Organization for Food Security  and its subsidiary International Islamic Food Processing Association (IFPA) had a fruitful meeting with Mr. Suvra Chakraborty, Director of AMC OVERSEAS. The parties discussed opportunities for cooperation in facilitating trade flows in Organization of Islamic Cooperation ( OIC ) member states, and agreed on arranging the pilot trade exchanges of sunflower oil and sugar between UAE and Kazakhstan. #AMC is a #Dubai-based multinational company involved in trading and investments since 1996, primarily in #CIS countries.

AMC Overseas has been importing from #Ukraine#Russia and other CIS countries such important #foodcommodities as #wheat and #wheatflour#sunfloweroil#greenpeas#lentils and others. Now that these supplies are unavailable, the company is seeking other potential providers.

#Kazakhstan has a large potential for exporting wheat grain and flour, sunflower oil and other food products. AMC Overseas requests the IOFS Group support for arranging these supplies to UAE and other #MENA countries. AMC is also interested in cooperation on developing sustainable logistics routes for intra-OIC food shipments, with the IOFS support in reaching necessary G2G agreements.