In continuation of the established cooperation of IOFS during its visit to Afghanistan in April 2022, ACCI signed a bilateral agreement with the International IFPA (Subsidiary of IOFS) and became IFPA Honorary Member in September 2022. In the several meetings held by IOFS with ACCI earlier this year, DG of IOFS HE Yerlan A. Baidaulet called on the CEO of ACCI Mr. Shafiqullah Attayee to work closely with International IFPA, a #B2B platform that could facilitate access to the intra-OIC business environment in the agri-food sector.

In serving the private sector, the chamber looks back on a long history, which started 89 years ago. Currently, the ACCI represents over 90 % of the total Afghan workforce. ACCI is headquartered in Kabul and operates 27 branch chambers in 25 provinces. Its current membership exceeds 65,000 companies and 255 business unions, associations, and cooperatives that represent a vast majority of the total Afghan workforce. Today, ACCI is uniquely positioned to influence the pace of economic growth and strategically aimed to facilitate the interests of the Afghan private sector to a diverse audience.

IFPA is very pleased to welcome the ACCI as one of its key honorary members in Afghanistan. Mutual effective coordination and collaboration will help increase the contribution in attracting investments and financing into the Afghan market to boost the potential of the agri-food sector for exports into OIC markets.


On 08 July 2022 the Islamic Organization for Food Security  and its subsidiary International Islamic Food Processing Association (IFPA) had a fruitful meeting with Mr. Suvra Chakraborty, Director of AMC OVERSEAS. The parties discussed opportunities for cooperation in facilitating trade flows in Organization of Islamic Cooperation ( OIC ) member states, and agreed on arranging the pilot trade exchanges of sunflower oil and sugar between UAE and Kazakhstan. #AMC is a #Dubai-based multinational company involved in trading and investments since 1996, primarily in #CIS countries.

AMC Overseas has been importing from #Ukraine#Russia and other CIS countries such important #foodcommodities as #wheat and #wheatflour#sunfloweroil#greenpeas#lentils and others. Now that these supplies are unavailable, the company is seeking other potential providers.

#Kazakhstan has a large potential for exporting wheat grain and flour, sunflower oil and other food products. AMC Overseas requests the IOFS Group support for arranging these supplies to UAE and other #MENA countries. AMC is also interested in cooperation on developing sustainable logistics routes for intra-OIC food shipments, with the IOFS support in reaching necessary G2G agreements.


  On July 01, 2022, a subsidiary of the Islamic Organization for Food Security (IOFS) -the International Islamic Food Processing Association (IFPA) held a general meeting with its Honorary and Corporate Members.

The Chairman of IFPA and DG of IOFS HE Mr. Yerlan A. Baidaulet provided a keynote speech, briefly highlighted the main developments of IFPA, and introduced HE Mr. Saleh Abdullah Lootah Chairman of UAE Food & Beverage Manufacturers Group (FBMG), who will also take over as the CEO of International IFPA in near future. As Chairman of the UAE FBMG, HE Mr. Saleh Abdullah Lootah is leading efforts to address wastage in the food and beverage industry; he has extensive experience in the F&B industry, working with both #startups and established businesses.

During the meeting, IFPA members exchanged expectations about International IFPA activity and raised ideas of mutual cooperation that would benefit OIC B2B agri-food sector growth. Participants also discussed the main challenges they have in the current geopolitical situation. Other highlights during the meeting included sharing the vision of HE Mr. Saleh Abdullah Lootah of strategic development IFPA for the next years. The steps on IFPA strategic transformation will be taken in near future.

The meeting took a hybrid format, members from Uzbekistan and Tajikistan connected online, and members from Kazakhstan and Tatarstan participated offline in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan HQ office of IFPA. The IFPA members expressed the desire to hold such general meetings once a month.



On May 25, 2022, a subsidiary of Islamic Organization for Food Security –International Islamic Food Processing Association (IFPA) held a bilateral meeting with the Deputy Chairman of Tajikistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (“Chamber”). The Chamber was founded in 1960, and its current mission is to intensify foreign trade and economic cooperation with both close and faraway countries, and aid to promote domestic goods in foreign markets. Tajikistan’s CCI unites 500 significant banks, associations, unions, and business associations throughout the country, each with hundreds of corporate structures functioning across the country’s economy.

Being a platform for the country’s whole business community Chamber has signed an agreement with the international IFPA, under which the Chamber will become a valuable honorary member of the Association. The parties agreed to work together in mutual support of Tajikistan’s agri-food enterprises to strengthen Tajikistan’s agri-food sector’s export potential to OIC markets and attract foreign direct investments and Islamic financing services.

IFPA’s business trip to Dushanbe has also coincided with the participation in a big event “Trade and Economic Mission of Kazakhstan in Tajikistan” (“TEM”) on May 26-27 which took place in Hilton Dushanbe. The official section of the event was launched, and keynote addresses were given by Mr. Nuraly Bukeikhanov, Deputy CEO of Qaztrade Center for Trade Policy Development from the Kazakhstan side, and Ms. Manzura Rustamova, Deputy Chairman of Tajikistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry from Tajikistan. TEM’s officials gave attendees the most up-to-date information on market demands as well as an overview of trade turnover and existing potential between Kazakhstan and Tajikistan.

The IFPA team, Mr. Berik Kaliyev, Head of International Partnerships, and Ms. Gulsum Kenenbayeva, Head of International Memberships held several B2B meetings with representatives from the agri-food sector, logistics, and banks, including ASYL spice center, ALTAI MAI LLP, Eurasian Green Product LLP, Tajikistan Vitamins LLP, Shin-Line LLP, AVAS Logistics, Sayfulloi – Khayrkhoh LLP, Tauhid Bank Tajikistan, and Alif Bank. IFPA agreed to assist them in expanding into new markets in OIC countries, developing more convenient logistical routes to promote trade, and obtaining Islamic financing.


International Islamic Food Processing Association (IFPA) participated in the International Forum “Russia – Islamic World: Kazan Summit and World Halal Day 2022” under the theme of “Transition-Tradition-Traction”, the 13th International Economic Summit and exhibition in the Halal Industry organized by the Government of Tatarstan, Tatarstan Investment Development Agency and United World Halal Development. The agenda of the Summit also included events dedicated to the great celebration of the 1100th anniversary of the adoption of Islam in the Volga Bulgaria.

Being organized annually these events attracted participants from 20 countries with around 5,000 visitors, and Forum established itself as a platform for discussing cooperation issues, implementing joint programs, presenting investment potential, and strengthening business ties between OIC and non-OIC countries.

On behalf of the International IFPA, a 100% subsidiary of the Islamic Organization for Food Security (IOFS), Ms. Gulsum Kenenbayeva, Head of Business Development on International Memberships attended the Forum. As an invited Speaker in the World Halal Day panel session “Halal Industry: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” she presented OIC opportunities in the agrifood sector and the major role of International IFPA in the development of B2B agri-food sector and intra – OIC trade.

Representative of International IFPA (a 100% subsidiary of IOFS) also held several B2B productive meetings with Halal agri-food sector entities for enhancing cooperation through IFPA’s multilateral private sector platform. These one-to-one meetings were conducted with the heads of entities such as Damate (Tatarstan), Cherkizovo (Tatarstan), World Food (Turkey), Vitana Iran, and Solico Group (Iran), Souz Pishevod (Russia), SPSK Ali (Tatarstan) and many others.

Corporate Member of International IFPA, Holding Amar Group LLC participated in the Kazan Halal Industry exhibition and presented their high-quality halal products at their exhibition stand. Mr. Raif Safin, CEO of Amar Holding Group, and Ms. Gulsum Kenenbayeva, International IFPA met and discussed further mutual cooperation and support on increasing the volume of exports of the enterprises belonging to the Holding.

International IFPA discussed prospects of cooperation with Gransea Sdn

On 14 April 2022 Malaysian National Agricultural Producers represented H.E. Mr. Tan Sri Abu Kassim, a Chairman of @Koperasi Kebuniti Selangor Berhad, Mr Mohamad Nizar Bin Omar, Member of the Board of Koperasi Kebuniti Selangor Berhad, Mr Eddie Lee Chee Liang Board Member – Member of the Board of Koperasi Kebuniti Selangor Berhad, and Mr Mohammad Safaruddin, General Manager of Gransea Sdn. Bhd together with International Islamic Fodd Processing Association  represented by its Head of International Partnership Berik Kaliyev visits the Head Office of KazPOsphate LLP in Almaty, and held meeting with Rector of Kazakh National Agrarian Research University Mr. Tlektes Yespolov.

Gransea agreed with International IFPA on assistance with arranging fertilizers imports to Malaysia from OIC countries. Gransea is now discussing with KazPhosphate terms and conditions of fertilizers delivery to Malaysia and close cooperation with Kazakh National Agrarian Research University in integration agricultural science into the development of food security in Malaysia.


International Islamic Food Processing Association (IFPA) participated in one of the biggest business events in Tashkent this year – Kazakhstan Trade and Economic Mission in Uzbekistan (“TEM”).

The three-day event brought together more than 100 companies in the fields of agriculture, food production and retail, petrochemicals, medical devices and pharmaceuticals, IT, mechanical engineering, and others for business matching and increasing export and import volumes between two countries and impact on growing trade and economy. CEO of Qaztrade Center for Trade Ppolicy Development Mr. Azamat Askaruly noted that this meeting is the first big meeting of business this year.

The representatives of the TEM from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan – CEO of Qaztrade Center for Trade Policy Development Mr. Azamat Askaruly, Deputy Chairman of Kazakh Export Mr. Kuanysh Mukazhanov and Chairman of Association of Exporters of Uzbekistan Mr. Mukhtor Umarov, Deputy Hokim of Tashkent, Head of Investment and Foreign Trade Department Mr. Pakhman Sharov were opened the official part of the event and gave keynote speeches. TEM’s officials provided participants with latest news on trade corridors and market demands, as well as with overview of the trade turnover between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Kazakhstan’s export to Uzbekistan amounted to $2.8 billion, Uzbekistan’s export to Kazakhstan amounted to $1.1 billion in 2021. The government of the two countries has set a task to increase the bilateral trade turnover to $10 billion.

International Islamic Food Processing Association (IFPA) was represented by Head of International Memberships Ms. Gulsum Kenenbayeva and Head of International Partnerships Mr. Berik Kaliyev. IFPA team held several B2B productive meetings for enhancing export and import opportunities, providing Islamic Finance and Investment , export insurance solutions through IFPA platform. These one-to one meetings were conducted with Heads of entities such as Counselor of Navoi Regional Governor on Investment and Innovation of Uzbekistan, Hayot Husni LLP, Makiz Baraka LLP, Agro Processing Group, Uzbekistan Food Industry Association, Uzbekistan Association of Exporters, KazArgoPro LLP, KazBeef Group, Kublei LLP, Araltuz JSC, SP Rola – Yan LLP and others. Through IFPA effective coordination and cooperation, we will help increase the contribution in attracting Islamic financing into Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan markets for wider potential of the agri – food sector for trade between two countries.

International IFPA signs an agreement with FLY BVLOS TECHNOLOGY

International Islamic Food Processing Association (“IFPA”) Director General and CEO H.E. Sheikh Bilal Khan during the participation in the 7th World Halal Summit and 8th edition of the OIC Halal Expo in Turkey, Istanbul held a meeting with the CEO of FLY BVLOS Technology (“FLY BVLOS”), Mr. M. Zeki Guvercin.

IFPA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Islamic Organization for Food Security (“IOFS”) and serves as a B2B platform for all the private sector agri-food trade and investment initiatives across the OIC markets under the G2G patronage of the IOFS.

FLY BVLOS is one of the leading farmer drone technology enterprises in Turkey. Drone technologies in the agri-sector have helped over the last decade to re-define the farming industry, resulting in improving crop yields, higher economic returns, and more efficient use of water and labor.

The parties expressed their strong commitment to developing a collaboration by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (“MoU”) on the promotion of drones technologies for efficiency of intra-OIC agriculture sector that can be innovative tech solutions to the lack of skilled human resources, heavy machinery, livestock monitoring, crop health assessment, and field mapping in the wider market of the OIC member countries.

H.E. Sheikh Bilal Khan and Mr. M. Zeki Guvercin also gave a joint interview to the World Halal Summit media outlet and discussed opportunities for cooperation between IFPA and FLY BVLOS across the OIC and IOFS markets.

International IFPA delegates visited 7th World Halal Summit and 8th OIC Halal Expo in Istanbul, Turkey

International IFPA participated in the 8th edition of OIC Halal Expo, the largest exhibition in the Halal sector organized in association with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and the 7th World Halal Summit, under the theme of “New Era & New Normals: Necessity of Halal Production and Consumption”, primarily orgnized by the Standards and Metrology Institute for Islamic Countries (SMIIC) and in coordination with the Islamic Centre for Development of Trade (ICDT).

Being organized annually these events attract participators from 36 countries with around 35,000 visitors and bring to light the latest developments and updates related to Halal sector; offer a unique exhibition area and a dynamic platform for a wide range of B2B meetings and side-events with the participation of ministers, decision-makers, opinion-leaders and leading scientific experts worldwide to discuss world-class technological infrastructure and high-quality services and goods in the sector of Halal among OIC member countries.

International IFPA delegation was represented by its Chair of the Board, H.E. Mr. Yerlan Baidaulet, Director General and CEO of IFPA H.E. Sheikh Bilal Khan, the Head of International Memberships, Ms. Gulsum Kenenbayeva, Head of Administration, Mr. Meirambek Issabekov and Ms. Aiman Tursynkhan, representative of a key Corporate Member of IFPA.

H.E. Yerlan Baidaulet delivered a keynote address in the Opening Ceremony of 7th World Halal Summit which provided an overarching overview of the key strategic vision of IOFS for the OIC Halal industry, while the IFPA team held several B2B productive meetings with intra-OIC agri-food sector entities for enhancing cooperation through IFPA’s multilateral private sector platform. These one-to-one meetings were conducted with the heads of entities such as LSISCO CIDA Co Ltd, Fly BVLOs Technology, Korkmaz, Lokman Hekim University, Indonesia Halal Inspection Agency and many others.