International IFPA and Iman Investment Company discuss cooperation in the electronic trading finance platform

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International Islamic Food Processing Association (“IFPA”) and Iman Investment Company (“Iman”) agreed to develop cooperation in the sphere of digitial Islamic trade finance. Iman is one of the major Islamic electronic trading platforms of Uzbekistan that was established to aid the practices and lifestyle of the community and manage their finances with a service that is fast, secure, intuitive and seamless.

During the online meeting Сhief Financial Officer of Iman Mr. Marc Zubov mentioned that: “the Central Asian region has been becoming one of the fastest-growing emerging markets demographically, economically, and digitally, with continuous improvements in digital connectivity and technology readiness, and the demand for digital services is starting to take hold. Facilitating online trade transactions improves efficiency across the entire trade cycle. By embracing technology through e-platforms, we can ensure greater visibility, transparency, accountability and control in the trade of strategic commodities. Iman is very keen to cooperate with IFPA to enhance connections and strategic partnerships in OIC member countries to capitalize on the digitalization of global Islamic trade.”

The Director General and CEO of IFPA, H.E. Sheikh Bilal Khan, remarked: “Central Asia with its strategically advantageous location has immense potential for economic development. Trade in agricultural goods offers a great opportunity for export to both regional and international markets. IFPA is ready to cooperate with Iman to develop Shariah-compliant digital solutions and the Islamic financial products allow intra-OIC entrepreneurs and financial institutions to use customer-first approach and streamlined services of its epic best-of-breed technologies.”