International IFPA had a meeting with Poultry Union of Kazakhstan and Kazakhstan Oil and Fat Union

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On June 8, 2021, International Islamic Food Processing Association (“IFPA”) held a meeting with representatives of two food associations and unions, the Poultry Union of Kazakhstan and the Kazakhstan Oil and Fat Union.

Poultry in Kazakhstan is a rapidly growing industry fuelled by steadily increasing demand from Kazakhstani consumers. Poultry Union of Kazakhstan is a non-profit organization that integrates the largest producers of poultry meat of Kazakhstan who are the main suppliers of all production in the country. This industry is demanding a sizeable upfront investment on the farmer to develop the infrastructure of the farm.

During the meeting H.E. Sheikh Bilal Khan, Director General, and CEO of International IFPA and Mr. Sharipov Ruslan, the President of the Poultry Union discussed the possibility of expanding production, modernization of operations, and improvements to bird nutrition and biosecurity to meet growing domestic demand and reducing the country’s reliance on imports.

“This partnership with IFPA is important for us as we continue to expand our operations and improve our production standards, said Sharipov Ruslan, President of the Poultry Union. Its programs are aimed at strengthening agricultural supply chains, increasing food safety, developing agri-insurance, and improving access to finance and investments for farmers and entrepreneurs that will help us become more efficient and expand our capacity to supply consumers with high-quality poultry meat.”

A round table was also held with the participation of the Kazakhstan Oil and Fat Union. The production, economic, and trade indicators of the oil and fat industry were considered, along with the problematic issues and proposals for shaping its advanced development program. Mr. Konstantin Nevzorov, President of Kazakhstan Oil and Fat Union stated that “the oil and fat industry is one of the fastest growing and export-oriented industries. Over the last years, it has shown positive trends and peak indicators. Such meetings help us identify opportunity and growth areas through trade exports and inward investments to diversify our portfolio of assets.”

IFPA agreed with both associations and unions to continue their discussions with their members to make their services available to them including structuring their investments and advising on their exports.