International Islamic Food Processing Association (“IFPA”) Director General and CEO H.E. Sheikh Bilal Khan during the participation in the 7th World Halal Summit and 8th edition of the OIC Halal Expo in Turkey, Istanbul held a meeting with the CEO of FLY BVLOS Technology (“FLY BVLOS”), Mr. M. Zeki Guvercin.

IFPA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Islamic Organization for Food Security (“IOFS”) and serves as a B2B platform for all the private sector agri-food trade and investment initiatives across the OIC markets under the G2G patronage of the IOFS.

FLY BVLOS is one of the leading farmer drone technology enterprises in Turkey. Drone technologies in the agri-sector have helped over the last decade to re-define the farming industry, resulting in improving crop yields, higher economic returns, and more efficient use of water and labor.

The parties expressed their strong commitment to developing a collaboration by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (“MoU”) on the promotion of drones technologies for efficiency of intra-OIC agriculture sector that can be innovative tech solutions to the lack of skilled human resources, heavy machinery, livestock monitoring, crop health assessment, and field mapping in the wider market of the OIC member countries.

H.E. Sheikh Bilal Khan and Mr. M. Zeki Guvercin also gave a joint interview to the World Halal Summit media outlet and discussed opportunities for cooperation between IFPA and FLY BVLOS across the OIC and IOFS markets.