International Islamic Food Processing Association (“IFPA”) held a bilateral meeting with the Director General of the Jarvis Products Eurasia (“Jarvis”), Mr.Syed Waqar Ahmad. The parent organisation Jarvis Products Corporation headquartered in Middletown, USA has been operating for approximately 100 years, primarily engaged in the meat, poultry, and seafood processing machinery. Jarvis as a subsidiary body specializes in slaughtering equipment for meat and poultry products.
During the meeting, parties discussed the importance of meat and poultry processing equipment for the Halal meat industry such as cutting and boning devices, band saws, carcass opening, and splitting saws, hock cutters, and skinning machines that represent significant cross-border standards and costs in production operations. These standards and costs can challenge an enterprise’s Halal benchmarking as well as cash flow, but properly managing them can help to optimize Halal meat and poultry production especially considering the rising demand for the quality of Halal meat and poultry products.
Director General of Jarvis Mr. Syed Waqar Ahmad noted that: “Jarvis as a leading innovator of new power tools utilizing the latest safety features adheres to the outstanding quality products and innovative solutions. We aim to expand efforts with IFPA in agri-food technologies to become the first source of Halal meat and poultry equipment and promote widely into the OIC markets”.
The Director General and CEO of IFPA, H.E Sheikh Bilal Khan remarked that: “IFPA is very pleased to welcome Jarvis as one of its key corporate members, and through our effective coordination and collaboration including assisting with opening an office in Kazakhstan at the Astana International Financial Centre (“AIFC”), we will help to expand cooperation between OIC businesses and food companies to facilitate Halal and safe meat and poultry standards in every segment of production and processing as well as increasing profitability of both SMEs and large-scale enterprises and ensure access to the Halal meat markets of OIC countries. This is another absolutely critical programme of our parent entity, the Islamic Organization for Food Security (“IOFS”) under the leadership of H.E. Mr. Yerlan Baidaulet, the Chair of IFPA Board and DG of IOFS, and we aim to additionally work closely with The Standards and Metrology Institute for the Islamic Countries (“SMIIC”) to provide an end-to-end one-stop-shop OIC-wide harmonised and seamless approach.”