On June 21 2021, International Islamic Food Processing Association (“IFPA”) held a meeting with the Executive Director of the Meet Union of Kazakhstan (“Union”) and also the Director of the Republican Chamber of Angus Kazakhstan (“Chamber”).

          Established in 2014, the Union involves more than 50 individual entrepreneurs and legal entities representing the meat industry of Kazakhstan. The Union aims to protect interests and cooperate in strengthening efforts for the dynamic development of the meat industry in Kazakhstan, while the Chamber was established in 2012 and embraces more than 150 members.

          During the meeting, H.E. Sheikh Bilal Khan, Director General and CEO of IFPA, Mr. Askar Zhubatyrov, the Executive Director of the Union and Mr. Salykov Dauren, Director of the Chamberdiscussed the increase of meat quality and certification of the product, introduction of modern technologies and genetics to increase the profitability of the industry, global labelling of Kazakh meat as Halal and natural/organic products, certification of production, including for export, and other services supporting the work of the meat production and processing industry. The roundtable concluded with two signing ceremonies of the honorary membership agreement between IFPA and the Union and also between IFPA and the Chamber, reaffirming all parties’ confidence in thesegroundbreaking partnerships.

          Representatives of the Union and the Chamber expressed their interest in developing their partnerships with IFPA whereby the members of both the Union and the Chamber will join as corporate members to receive IFPA’s services in export support and attracting Islamic investments from the 57 OIC markets. These agreements also provide for facilitation of participation of members in all IFPA’s activities and for a joint forum to be organised later in the year exclusively for the members of the Union and the Chamber.