New technology implementation in the egg production industry was discussed at the meeting with International IFPA

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         On June 22 2021, International Islamic Food Processing Association (“IFPA”) held a meeting with the President of the Kazakhstan Egg Producers’ Association (“Association”), where the Association signed the Honorary Membership Agreement.

          The Association was established in 2017. Initially, the entity was launched with the only aim to increase production volumes. However, the sector is now encountering overproduction challenges, declining business profitability, and a shortage of governmental subsidy support of the small and medium enterprises which are the major representatives of this industry. The Association includes 16 enterprises, among them 12 poultry farms, and 4 enterprises engaged in the production of feed and equipment for poultry farming.

         The Association is accredited by the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the Republic of Kazakhstan «Atameken», the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Ministry of  Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and is a member of the International Egg Commission (UK), the Association of Environmental Organizations of Kazakhstan, and the Union of Food Enterprises of Kazakhstan.

          The President of the Association, Mr. Maxim Bozhko discussed with H.E. Sheikh Bilal Khan, Director General and CEO of IFPA the advantages of using powdered egg and investment opportunities in the sector. Powdered eggs have a storage life of 2 or more years depending on the environment. The shelf life can further be extended by placing powdered eggs in air tight containers. Transportation requires no refrigeration or cold chain as in the case of liquid eggs which increases export volumes of processed eggs and diminishes the dependency on breakage and cold storage.

         The Director General and CEO of IFPA and The President of the Association expressed their willingness for closer cooperation to establish 2 major processing plants in Nur-Sultan and Almaty, as well as major storage terminal in the border region between Uzbekistan and Afghanistan.